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VIDEO: Roy Hibbert and Gangnam Style, together at last

The Gangnam Style dance video craze will survive at least another day, thanks to the Pacers and Roy Hibbert.

On paper (digital paper?), this is the most tired, hacky Internet video of the past few years. It features a flash mob -- in a shopping mall, of all places -- little kids dancing, guys in Green Man style full-body spandex, a person in a Gumby costume (?), and, just to really push it over the top, everyone does the Gangnam Style dance. It's every over-done meme that your friends shared on Facebook months later.

Again, there is no way this should work. But oddly, hypnotically, joyously, it does. Oh how does it work. Thanks entirely to the Indiana Pacers' Roy Hibbert. Never before has Psy's dance with such enthusiasm (on a 7-foot-2 man).

Originally seen at our Georgetown blog, Casual Hoya.