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Of course Hunter Pence did this

Because he is not of this Earth.

The running joke is that Hunter Pence is an alien or insectoid or ... something or rather. He has crazy, intense eyes, and he runs funny. Also, throws funny. And swings funny. Alright, he does everything funny.

But we're getting really close to him pulling off a latex mask and revealing his true nature to an unsuspecting world.

That doesn't hit the bat once. That doesn't hit the ball twice. That hits the bat three times before going into play. Once it was put in play, it bounced at a 45-degree angle away from the shortstop and into left field. Three runs scored because the center fielder, Jon Jay, could not pick it up.

That was literally a magic baseball. Literally. And I'm not saying you need to shave your head and join us on the comet as we travel around the universe, but it would probably be a safe, rational decision.