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Introducing Polygon, the new gaming site from Vox Media

First, there was SB Nation. Then came The Verge. And now, we welcome Polygon to Vox Media.

Hi there, sports fans! Do you like playing videos games? Sure, we all do! So take a moment and say hello to Polygon!

The same brilliant minds behind SB Nation and The Verge bring you the newest member of the Vox Media family. And what SB Nation is to sports, and The Verge is to consumer electronics, Polygon is to video games.

Polygon is a video game website founded in 2012 in partnership with Vox Media. Its mission is to cover not only games but the artists who make them and the fans that love them. It's built to deliver fast, comprehensive news, in-depth feature stories and reviews that bridge the gap between criticism and buying advice.

Take some time to check it out (it's SO PRETTY!), and read through the welcome from Chris Grant, editor-in-chief:

Since February, we've been training our news team to be thorough, exhaustive, quick, and accurate. We've challenged ourselves to make the most beautiful reviews on the web and to rethink the value of a static score. And we've been producing beautiful, long-form features covering the world of video games, from the people who make games to the people who play them.

And now we're finally ready to gather it all under the Polygon domain, the result of a massive amount of effort from a massive number of people. But this isn't the end state for us; instead, it's just the beginning.

Your SB Nation logins work on Polygon -- Be sure to establish a gamer profile once you're on!