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Will Muschamp is angry, giffable

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Another week, another wonderful collection of angry Will Muschamp GIFs.

Not a week goes by that we don't add to our collection of Will Muschamp GIFs. He's just so angry, and so apt to drop all sorts of cuss words. CBS knows this -- as does every network -- and has trained the Muschamp Cam on the Florida coach at all times.

Thankfully, this gives us an opportunity to GIF, GIF and GIF some more. It doesn't really matter what he's mad about -- probably Georgia just hammering his team. As long as he's unhappy with something, we're all winners in this game of life.


I'm not even sure what he's saying. It's something bad -- you can tell by the expression -- but he could be mad enough that it's jibberish. And really, doesn't he look like a parent whose kids have driven him insane. Like, I'm actually worried about the man's health. It's a stressful job and he seems to be having trouble handling it.

Oh and that cover GIF up top? Pure crazy.