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Georgia vs. Florida, Halftime Score: Dawgs lead 7-6 despite three Aaron Murray INTs

The Cocktail Party is a mean, sloppy drunk this year - Both teams have three turnovers each, including Aaron Murray's three picks.


Georgia has a one-point lead over the Florida Gators in Jacksonville, but the real story is a combined six turnovers at halftime for the Bulldogs and Gators in what's been an ugly battle of defense and shaky quarterback play from Jeff Driskel and Aaron Murray.

The Bulldogs scored first on a 10-yard Todd Gurley touchdown after a Gator fumble, but three interceptions from Murray would set up the Gators to score two field goals. Murray is 4-of-8 for just 34 yards at the half, while Driskel is 7-of-17 for 109. Gurley has been the offensive player of this very offensively challenged contest, with 79 yards and the first quarter touchdown on 13 carries.

The annual bad blood between these two teams hasn't fail to show - the two teams have combined for 12 penalties for 98 yards. The CBS broadcast crew also reported that officials warned each sideline that if overall player conduct didn't improve, ejections would follow.