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Will Muschamp's halftime interview is alarmingly calm and polite

A week after being unable to control the volume of his voice, Will Muschamp is polite and even sort of chatty at the Cocktail Party, despite his Gators trailing at the half.

Maybe Tim Brando's right, as the CBS studio host noted that sideline reporter Tracy Wolfson is a "calming influence." Or maybe Coach Boom just suffers from some fault wiring, and finds a half of football in which his team turns the ball over three times and trails by a point as warm and fuzzy.

Whatever the reason, compare Will Muschamp's easy-breezy halftime interview down 7-6 vs. his alma mater to his scream-talky halftime behavior while leading South Carolina just a week prior.


God forbid Georgia extend their lead in the third quarter, or he's going to start knitting doilies and talking about his favorite Andy Williams records.