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Elderly official gets tackled at Georgia vs. Florida game and you laugh because you're a bad person

You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

Well now this is unfortunate:


That's a member of the "chain gang" down at the Florida vs. Georgia game, which uh, we think is the official name for those really old guys who hold the down and distance markers. How do you get that job? Those guys aren't actual refs. Do they have a union? Could they strike? Is that even a paid gig? We just assumed it was a raffle prize at a Methodist Mens group's sunrise breakfast.

Anyhow, this is the paragraph where we write terrible sportswriter things like "The hitting in Jacksonville between rivals Georgia and Florida is so intense that nobody's safe!"


Ugh. Why are they shooting that? That man's probably fought in a war, or at the very least faced tougher tasks in life than completing all the multiplayer achievements in "Halo 3." Anyway, it's kind of depressing how we treat this nation's elderly. Don't expect this particular newfangled web site to join in on such a disgrace...


Nope. We operate with a higher level of respect around here....