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This Week In GIFs: 'Padres Bullpen Catcher' snags decisive victory

Voting in Week 20 of THIS WEEK IN GIFs has concluded, and the Padres' bullpen catcher has won in a rout.

Week 20 of THIS WEEK IN GIFs is now in the books, and frankly, the voting was never particularly close. With 46 percent of the overall vote, having won 352 total ballots, is ...



Act I is this nameless hero's ability to catch a baseball he couldn't possibly have seen until it was 0.03 inches from his face. Act II is his ability to remain complete stoic and unmoved in the face of this miracle. Let's hear from some of you:

Padres Bullpen Catcher

Is the GIF that Thunder Dan Majerle wishes it were.

- Valued Internet subscriber kckicker23

First, there is the blurred frenzy of the beginning, prompting the viewer to ask, “What am I watching?”

As we begin to discover that we are watching a well-hit baseball, we are suddenly interrupted by the end of the ball’s journey, prompting the viewer to ask, “Where did the ball go?”

Only after repeated viewings does it become clear that the nearly stationary bullpen catcher has snagged the ball out of the air like a tree frog attacks some tropical bug on a branch in the vast network of the rain forest.

On top of this, the astute cameraman rewards the anonymous bullpen catcher as he slowly closes in on the stoic figure, who pretends as if this occurrence was completely out of the ordinary and unworthy of attention.

This is the Gif, my friends.

- Valued Internet subscriber DumbAndNerdy

We need to photoshop Tommy Hunter sitting on top of the wall and have the baseball go through his arms right before Padres bullpen catcher snags the home run ball

- Valued Internet subscriber Area Sports Athlete

Thanks, friends, this was fun as always. Be sure to check back Friday for the next installment of THIS WEEK IN GIFs. And to browse through our library of tremendous sports GIFs, click here.