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VIDEO: Jeff Gordon, Clint Bowyer brawl in Phoenix

A pile-up occurred on the track between Jeff Gordon and Clint Bowyer, and then a brawl erupted in the garage between the drivers' crews.

A brawl erupted at NASCAR's AdvoCare 500 in Phoenix on Sunday between Jeff Gordon and Clint Bowyer and their respective pit crews. The fight was seemingly the result of a huge crash on the final lap, in which both Gordon and Bowyer were involved.

Then things got wild in a hurry in the garage:

Jeff Gluck, SB Nation's NASCAR editor, was on the scene and just as shocked as everyone else.

Yikes. Things got so bad, apparently, that a police officer at one point had to stop a member of the pit crew from picking up a tire.


Tempers continued to flare after the brawl, with Bowyer finding Gordon before he was restrained outside of his trailer.


Kevin Harvick eventually won the race, while Brad Keselowski took over the points lead after Jimmie Johnson hit wall; the Gordon wreck helped Johnson earn a position and a point, through overtime.

Afterward, Michael Waltrip called Gordon's behavior, "Cowardly, chicken and sad. What a sad act that was by Jeff Gordon."