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Lane Kiffin hot seat: USC coach says he's definitely coming back

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Despite the Trojans suffering through an incredibly disappointing season, Lane Kiffin says he's been assured that he'll be back in 2013.


USC lost to its rival UCLA today in a game where the Bruins looked better coached, more focused, and much more physical. In losing to UCLA, USC will likely drop out of both top 25 polls when they're released tomorrow. The Trojans are now the first team since Auburn in 1984 to be ranked #1 in the top preseason top 25 and lose four games in a season. To say that fans and alumni are upset would be putting it lightly.

So have things gone poorly enough in Los Angeles for USC to consider making a head coaching change? Not according to Lane Kiffin.

Of course, there's no telling when that kind of assurance was given to Kiffin and certainly no way of knowing if USC athletic director Pat Haden envisioned a 7-5 season (if USC loses next week against Notre Dame) as one of those things that could actually happen. Still, as it stands right now, Kiffin believes he's safe no matter the outcome.