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Norv Turner frowns on your shenanigans, Danario Alexander

The Chargers wide receiver celebrated a little too much for Norv Turner's taste after a touchdown reception from Philip Rivers.

Doug Pensinger

The San Diego Chargers are getting dominated by Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos, despite only being down 11 points entering the fourth quarter.

Philip Rivers engineered a long drive down field that ended with a touchdown toss to wide receiver Danario Alexander, but head coach Norv Turner seemed a bit displeased with Alexander's subsequent touchdown celebration:


In a game where you are getting dominated on both sides of the football, it might be best to just throw the ball back to the referee after a score, and save your swag for a situation where you are actually winning.

Meanwhile, Manning continues his push for a potential MVP award, throwing three touchdowns against a struggling Chargers defense. How the Chargers are even still in this game is amazing. Broncos lead 27-16 with just over 10 minutes to play in regulation, and are driving for another possible score.

Stay tuned for more from Mile High ...