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Washington Wizards fall to Atlanta Hawks by a tenth of a second

A go-ahead basket by Martell Webster was called off because it was released just after the buzzer, and the Wizards are 0-10.

Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

Somehow, the winless Washington Wizards led by four points with less than a minute remaining in overtime on the road against the Atlanta Hawks. They welcomed one of their stars back (Nene), closed off the paint beautifully and were poised to shock everyone and beat a good Hawks team on the road.

But of course, this is the Wizards. Obviously it wasn't meant to be.

It all started when they couldn't grab two rebounds off missed free throws, which allowed the Hawks to tie the game with 20 seconds left. Then, after Kevin Seraphin momentarily gave the Wizards the lead with a wide-open jumper, the Hawks marched the ball up the court and found Kyle Korver for a 30-foot three that dropped in with 1.9 seconds left. Boom, Hawks lead and it's over. Right?

Maybe not. Check out this play.


That's Martell Webster flying in from the wing to put back Seraphin's missed hook shot and give the Wizards a dramatic first victory! Washington fans could finally rejoice! They were no longer the embarrassment of the league! Except...


That's the buzzer going off just before Webster released his shot. It was disallowed and the Hawks got the win. The Wizards were literally a tenth of a second away from getting their first win of the season. Instead, they're 0-10.

Yup. That's so Wizards.