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Lee Corso is the Notre Dame logo

Adventures with fedoras, starring Lee Corso

No, not the intertwined ND. Lee Corso looks, surprisingly, a lot like the Notre Dame Leprechaun when all dressed up. After putting on the green fedora to pick the Irish to beat USC on Saturday -- backwards, mind you; Herbie had to fix him up like a father would do for his son -- Corso put his dukes up. And you know ... he looked like the logo. It was kind of eerie.


And since it was pretty adorable, here's Corso putting on the fedora all wrong. He looks so proud of it, even if it's clearly on backwards. Fedoras are tricky!


Thankfully, Herbie came to the rescue, saving Corso the embarrassment of wearing a fedora the wrong way all day. And really, that's part of Herbie's job description. He's there to keep things on the rails, along with Rece Davis, and part of that job includes making sure Corso is dressed for success.


Never change, gentlemen.