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The List: Coaches you would wish on your worst enemy

Any one of these is bad. Combined, they are a catalog of unthinkable cruelty.

Doug Pensinger

1. Norv Turner

2. That guy who dresses up as Batman and assaults people at Grauman's Chinese Theater.

3. Kurt and Kyle Busch in a horse costume

4. Romeo Crennel

5. Steven Reed of Weber State University

6. Uwe Boll

7. Ron Rivera

8. Michael Jordan

9. Liam Gallagher

10. Billy Gillispie

11. Bobby Valentine

12. A DVD of Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day

13. Matt Millen. As a coach. Matt Millen as a real live coach of something.

14. Norv Turner. Yes, we know this is in here twice.

15. Norv Turner. Three times, actually.

16. Randy Edsall in an Atlasphere.

17. Kimbo Slice