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Tennessee vs. Troy score update: Oh no, Vols

Can't let Tennessee hang around like that, Troy.

Like shootouts? Tennessee-Troy might be for you! Except, you know, Tennessee probably wasn't locked in a tight game with Troy at the half.

Good news, though, Vols! A field goal as time expired gave Tennessee a 31-30 lead. Over Troy. From the SunBeast.

Say, friends, let's look at the stats to see what a complete defensive dumpster fire looks like.

  • Troy racked up 358 total yards in the first half. Thanks to that final drive in the half, though, Tennessee ended up with 364 yards.
  • Troy first downs: 19. Tennessee first downs: 17.
  • Troy is a combined 17-28 for 216 yards and a touchdown through the air. Tyler Bray: 16-25 for 313 yards and three touchdowns through the air. So that's good, at least.
  • The Trojans rushed for 142 yards and three touchdowns on 22 carries in the half. That's ... not so good for the Tennessee defense.
But on the plus side, there's plenty of action!