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UCLA coaches are wearing war paint

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And apparently this was the magic trick to beating Rich Rod.

Let's take a quick lap around the UCLA sideline, where Jim Mora ordered his coaches into the locker room before the game to take care of some last minute business. That business, you ask? It was applying war paint. All of the coaches had to layer up in eye-black, along with the players.

Moderate war paint here. He went conservative.


I don't even know what's going on here. Looks like he got into a fight with a marker and lost badly.


I uh oh wait hold on a second. Easy on the paint, man.


Jim Mora, sadly, did not join his assistants in paint solidarity. This would've been the best thing ever, and we're quite sad it didn't happen.

Still, what in the flying hell is going on here? Have you ever seen coaches apply liberal amounts of war point before stepping onto the field?

Whatever the case, UCLA is up 42-3 over Arizona at the half. So it's working.