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Doug Martin's performance one of the greatest in fantasy football history

Sunday, Bucs' running back Doug Martin trashed the Raiders' defense for 251 yards and four touchdowns. If he was on your fantasy roster, you benefited from one of the very best days a player has ever had.

Ezra Shaw

Sunday afternoon, Buccaneers running back Doug Martin made history against the Raiders.


In fact, not only did Doug Martin have the best fantasy game a Doug has ever had, his performance ranks very highly among the all-time greatest. As ESPN's Matthew Berry tweeted last night:

Indeed. Let's chart that up.


If we're counting decimals -- which some leagues do not -- Martin actually holds the fourth-best score in modern fantasy history. This list is dominated by running backs, which isn't much of a surprise -- if a player is scoring a lot of touchdowns, it's more likely that his team is considerably ahead. Teams who are ahead are certainly more likely to keep giving the ball to their running back.

(As an aside, no quarterback 1995-present can touch Vick's score of 49.32. During that game, he threw for 333 yards, four touchdowns, and zero interceptions, while also rushing for 80 yards and two touchdowns.)

Here's where Martin stands out, though. The week prior to Sunday's performance, Martin totaled 33.4 standard-scoring fantasy points, which gives him 84.6 over a two-week span. I was only able to find one player in the "Internet era" to do any better -- Clinton Portis, who scored 85.1 within two weeks in 2003.

Some other miscellaneous notes:

  • Martin is the ninth player of the 21st century to rush for 250 or more yards in a single game.
  • Martin became the first player to rush for four touchdowns in a single game in four years.
  • Martin is the ninth player in NFL history to score four second-half touchdowns by any means.
  • At halftime, there was no reason to believe that Martin was midway through a historic performance. At that point, he had zero touchdowns and 41 yards on nine attempts.
  • Martin scored touchdowns on rushes of 70, 67 and 45 yards. He is now the first player in NFL history to rush for three touchdowns of 45-plus yards in a single game.
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