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The Week in Worst: Starring Tony Romo

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The Week in Worst is here once again to bring you the least-good NFL plays of the past seven days. Many feature the Dallas Cowboys.

Kevin C. Cox

Another week of sports is in the books and, like usual, it's time to single out the very worst sports plays of the past seven days and turn them into looping images that may fry your computer. It's cool; you needed a new one anyway. Stimulate that economy, cheapskate!

Speaking of the economy, it's Election Tuesday or whatever it's actually called, so make sure you make the right choice and vote. Elect the worst NFL play of the week by voting in the poll at the end of this feature, that is! Not sure if there's anything else going on today. Probably not.

With any luck, we'll soon be bringing you some NBA plays in the coming weeks, but you'll find there was more than enough fodder in the world of American football to tide us all over now that baseball is dead and gone forever. Thanks, Tony Romo!

Here are the worst plays from the week of Oct. 30 to Nov. 5.

Worst Trick Play

Team: Pittsburgh Steelers

Date: Nov. 4


The Steelers had a chance to tie the game in the fourth quarter with a field goal. Instead, they tried a fake field goal that included an over-the-shoulder flip and decided to get no points instead. The gambit worked -- eventually -- as the Steelers wound up with a win.

It just goes to show you, kids: sometimes the long con pays off. The long, stupid, pointless, reckless con.

Worst Pass

Player: Tony Romo

Date: Nov. 4


This is the first time that Tony Romo appears in this week's column. It shan't be the last. Romo, whose name you may recognize as having surpassed the word "interception" in late 2010, had a wide-open receiver for what would have been a free gain. All he needed was a soft lob and the worst that could have happened was a 3-yard gain. Instead, he winged it as hard as he could, deep into the sidelines. Maybe he got confused to see someone wide open that was wearing the same jersey as him? Who knows what lurks in the heart of Romo?

Worst Rushing play

Team: Cleveland Browns

Date: Nov. 4


There may have been visually worse rushing plays this week, but there were none that were quite so fundamentally cockamamie as this one. This was the Pat Shurmur play di tutti Pat Shurmur plays. Please note that this happened from the shotgun on 3rd-and-11. THIRD AND ELEVEN. They should have all just laid down on the field like a Radiohead video and sighed deeply. I kind of can't believe the play ended with no gain, rather than a loss. Just bad. Bad, bad stuff. But at least Browns fans can be happy that they're not, like -- I dunno -- Chiefs fans, or whatever.

Worst Graphic

Network: NBC

Date: Nov. 4

There was a point during the Cowboys vs. Falcons game on Sunday Night Football where the producers decided to put up a full-screen graphic about how Tony Romo is really terrible when he targets a specific receiver. I thought that was the worst graphic I had seen all week, but while I was looking for it, I came across ... this.


Yep, it's a stat line describing how terrible Romo has been in October. They paired this information not with a stock photograph, not as stand-alone information, but with a live-action shot of Romo, dressed in his finest backwards-baseball-cap-crammed-as-far-down-on-his-head-as-possible and practice jersey with no undershirt. I cropped out the majority of the on-screen action, so as to spare you the indignity of having to stare at Tony Romo looking stupid in two different timelines at once, but also to really allow you to focus on just how awful and uncomfortable this is.

Romo looks up, swallows (perhaps belches?), smacks his lips, blinks several times, and basically looks like a dude who's been given the direction, "Just look at the camera for a while." Why does this happen? Why does everything always have to be moving at all times? IS THIS WHAT GEORGE LUCAS IS DOING NOW?

Worst Interception

Player: Peyton Manning

Date: Nov. 4



- It wasn't a safety!



Most Peyton Manning Interception

Player: Peyton Manning

Date: Nov. 4


The above interception was a worse interception, no doubt. But this one was the much more Peyton Manning of the two. Check it out. The FAKE TO NOWHERE. The wobbly, nearly end-over-end caterwauling toss to the opposition in the end zone. It's just the best. Not pictured: the 14 audibles before the snap.

Manning won the game, of course. Because that's the only acceptable outcome.

Worst Touchdown Celebration

Player: Kevin Ogletree

Date: Nov. 4


Some people (perhaps jokingly?) thought that this might have been Ogletree pantomiming a tree, but it's clearly an "O." Just a big O, because that's what his name starts with. Possibly the most uncreative celebraish of all time? Although the lip-licking certainly ... uh ... adds to it. I guess. Either way, let's be glad this guy doesn't catch more TD passes. Unless you're a Cowboys fan. Or something. Moving on.

Worst Missed Tackle

Player: Brandon Carr

Date: Nov. 4


Jacquizz Rodgers makes a nifty fake on Danny McCray, but then the streaking blur that is Brandon Carr just FLIES through the frame, completely whiffing on his tackle and giving the Falcons an easy first down.


This is why god made GIFs, people. To watch Brandon Carr break the sound barrier failing to tackle someone, over and over again. God bless America.

Worst Fumble

Team: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Date: Nov. 4


You may want me to give the entire blame for this play to running back LeGarrette Blount, but this was truly a team effort. Check out Josh Freeman just sort of idly hucking the ol' handegg at Blount's far shoulder. They can't teach that!

This is the worst fumble because -- besides "just look at it" -- the Bucs were in the midst of blowing out the Oakland Raiders at the time. Almost entirely as a result of this fumble, the Buccaneers had to hang on by the skin of their teeth to scrape by with a win over Oakland. THE ULTIMATE INSULT.

Worst Game-Ending Play

Team: Dallas Cowboys

Date: Nov. 4

Okay, so there's just a couple seconds left in the game. The Cowboys need some razzle-dazzle! Let's see what they've got up their sleeves. First, big bad Tony Romo is gonna double down on the razzle. Hey, he eventually completes a pass to Felix Jones!


And this is what happened on the other end of that reception.


When confronted with literally seven defenders, Jones decided to quadruple down the the dazzle, perhaps believing that if he focused his chi enough, he could perhaps juke so hard that he could transcend space and time and teleport into the end zone. Of course, that's not what happened. He was summarily tackled after a moment of freezing and going "DUHHHHHH" like he's Moose Mason. It was worth a shot!

How do you feel about that one, Tony?


Yeah, pretty much. Look into those eyes. The sadness; the pain. This is what it is to be Tony Romo.