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Bomani & Jones: Boxing brings out the basic instincts

Take it from great philosophers like Eddie Murphy and ... Eddie Murphy. Nothing brings out the racial tension and animus like boxing. Call it nationalism, pride or whatever. But as soon as two fighters of different races or ethnicities square off, there's no telling what might come out of the mouths of both your enemies and friends.

This is why I laughed it off Sunday morning when a grief-stricken Filipino kid, presumably angry Manny Pacquiao got put to sleep, hit me with a racial slur to start my day. It's hard on the pride when your most visible countryman takes a ton of bricks to the face. I'd probably be mad, too.

So this is one of those "Bomani & Jones" that's just telling you what you already know, but usually don't say in front of people. The primal nature of fisticuffs takes us to our most base levels. That, usually, is pretty hilarious if you don't take it personally. But if you do, you better be ready to fight for real. It's a prize fight on TV. It's a pride fight in real life, and you know how those can go.