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NBA referee Courtney Kirkland tries to block a Kris Humphries free throw

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Brooklyn Nets power forward Kris Humphries is slowly shaking his reputation as one of the NBA's punching bags, but on Wednesday night, he got clowned by NBA referee Courtney Kirkland. Humphries was readying to take a free throw against the Toronto Raptors, but apparently Kirkland wasn't as keen on the idea. So, Kirkland did what any self-respecting ref would never do, and jumped to swat Humphries as if he was Serge Ibaka.



That was just about the best defense that anyone played on the night against the Nets, who defeated Toronto, 94-88. Humphries put up just 11 points and two rebounds, as the Nets were carried by Joe Johnson, C.J. Watson and the resurgent Andray Blatche.

The Nets shot just 45 percent from the field, which paled in comparison to Toronto's 49 percent shooting, but Brooklyn hit 10-19 of threes, which was enough to push them to the win. That said, an NBA ref trying to punk Humphries for some unknown reason was the highlight of an altogether forgettable game.