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'In The Zone' with Dhani Jones tailgates in Green Bay

In the newest edition of "In The Zone," Dhani Jones is joined by a bunch of friends from Green Bay and several special guests.

In the newest edition of "In The Zone," Dhani Jones continues his Green Bay visit, this time with an audience of riled up Packers fans to share the fun.

He's joined by Green Bay wide receiver Randall Cobb, who recounted his upbringing and three years at the University of Kentucky. Cobb has embraced the small-town feel of Green Bay, and relishes the close relationship the Packers have with their fans.

The sense of community shines through in several Packers fans interviewed by Jones, from the beer man simply known as 'Big Al' to catholic school teacher Sister Mary Berg.

"It is to most people much more than a game. It's their lives here in Green Bay," said John O'Neil, the man affectionately referred to as "St. Vincent" or "The Packers Pope."

Jones also interviews Packers defensive back Charles Woodson and spends time at the Green Bay Curling Club.

The show is capped by a musical performance from Madison, Wis., band, PHOX, performing "Clubs and Spades."

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