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'In The Zone' with Brendon Ayanbadejo, on the importance of physical education and marriage equality

The newest episode of "In The Zone" with Dhani Jones visits with the Baltimore Ravens' Brendon Ayanbadejo to discuss the importance of both physical education in schools and marriage equality in the United States.

"If I could compare my skills to something, I'd be something like the Northern Lights ... an enigma."

The "In The Zone" series continues this week with Dhani Jones visiting Baltimore, where he meets with Brendon Ayanbadejo, starting linebacker for the Ravens. Joined by some of his teammates, Ayanbadejo spends a day at Stoneleigh Elementary School at Carver, in Towson, Maryland, where he speaks to kids about the importance of physical education.

in second half of the video, Ayanbadejo speaks about marriage equality, and why he has made it a personal fight for years. Maryland recently became the first state to approve equal marriage rights by popular referendum.

"It's a Civil Rights Issue. It's a human rights issue. It's not 'gay rights' -- It's just equal rights," says Ayanbadejo. "It's something that's really going to change the course of history in the United States."

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