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'In The Zone' with Dhani Jones at Jimmy's Famous Seafood in Baltimore

"They have some of the best steamed crabs around."

In the newest episode of "In The Zone," Dhani Jones stops by Jimmy's Famous Seafood in Baltimore, where Tony Minadakis serves up a local favorite: steamed crabs.

It's a special "one of a kind taste" that makes the crabs in Maryland better than anywhere else in the world, says Minadakis. And Dhani agrees -- he'll only eat crabs when he's in his home state, saying he doesn't trust the tasty crustaceans elsewhere.

It all started with one man's hard work... Jimmy's Famous seafood was founded in 1974 by Demetrios "Jimmy" Minadakis, a greek immigrant from the island of Karpathos. After purchasing the land, Jimmy and some of his friends and family proceeded to build a bar with their bare hands.

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