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ULM credentialed a gnome for the Independence Bowl

The Independence Bowl is swarming with reporters. And fantastical ceramic humanoid creatures.

The above image comes to us courtesy of Rob Cornelius and is from the Independence Bowl presser. Yes, it appears that the ULM Warhawks credentialed a garden gnome and gave him a spot at the table.

This may seem stupid, but when you think about it, gnomes would make fantastic journalists. Check out their bona fides:

- Inconspicuous

- Plenty of hats in which to stick press pass

- Never in another reporter's eyeline

- Are magic

- Advanced pickpocket stats could aid in scoops

- Potential for puns always through the roof (good for headline writing)

- Whimsical features put athletes and other interview subjects at ease

- Next-level facial hair provides instant conversation piece

In other news, SB Nation is looking into hiring a ton of gnomes.