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No! DeSagana Diop discusses retirement

DeSagana Diop is talking about hanging up the scarcely used sneakers.

Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE

Charlotte Bobcats great DeSagana Diop, now 30, talked to HOOPSWORLD (all caps so you know it's important) about retiring from the NBA in the not-too-distant future. Say it ain't so, Gana!

It is so:

"I've got a couple more years and I'm out of here."


"I'm going to play until I can't play anymore."

If that's true ... why didn't Diop retire two years ago? #jokes

"I'm the second oldest guy on the team. It's crazy. You know when I was coming into the league I was 18 [years old], the youngest."

Time passes. Crazy!

We will miss DeSagana Diop. All of him.