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'In the Zone' with Dhani Jones: Danny Watkins, the firetruck-driving lineman

The "In The Zone" with Dhani Jones series continues in Philadelphia, where we meet OL Danny Watkins, the firefighter-turned NFL player.

"Danny Watkins is an exceptional human being."

The newest episode of "In The Zone" with Dhani Jones catches up with the Philadelphia Eagles' Danny Watkins, possibly the NFL's only player who owns and operates his own firetruck.

Watkins first became a firefighter when he was just 16, in West Kelowna, British Columbia, and let that passion take him to Butte College, where he studied fire sciences. Eventually the football coaches got a hold of his 6'3, 310-pound frame and, at the age of 22, he was playing college football. Watkins transferred to Baylor in 2009 and was drafted by Philly in 2011.

Now with the Eagles, he hasn't forgotten his roots, partnering with the Philadelphia Fire Department and volunteering at many of its functions.

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