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Ricky Nolasco reportedly wants out of Miami

The right-hander, displeased with the Marlins' fire sale, would like to be traded.

Jason Arnold

Giancarlo Stanton has already voiced his displeasure over the Marlins' winter fire sale; now, right-hander Ricky Nolasco is joining the chorus of discontent players who want out of Miami.

The 29-year-old has not requested a trade, but Nolasco's agent, Matt Sosnick, told the media that his client would "be a completely happier player" if he were dealt.

Commissioner Bud Selig might step in if the Marlins attempt to deal Nolasco, who is owed $11.5 million in 2013 and is now the club's highest-paid player.

The northpaw has been a fairly durable starter, as he has pitched more than 190 innings in each of the past two seasons. However, he gives up more than a hit per inning (10.1 H/9 in 2012), and has seen a steady plummet in his strikeout rate since 2009 (from 9.5 K/9 in 2009 to 5.9 in 2012). This drop in K's could coincide with a 2-mph loss on Nolasco's four-seam fastball.

The Marlins, for their part, have not commented on potential deals involving Nolasco.

UPDATE 9:45am: The Marlins are reportedly telling teams that Nolasco is unavailable, despite the right-hander's wishes to skip town, per ESPN.