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Conflicting Reports On Peyton Manning's Arm Strength

Amid rampant speculation about what team Peyton Manning will end up with when the 2012 season kicks off, there is yet another area to quibble about regarding the quarterback. Earlier in the week, a report came out indicating that Manning's arm strength was nowhere near desired. The actual wording used was that Manning currently has a "noodle arm" due to inactivity following a neck injury that kept him out of action for the entire 2011 Indianapolis Colts season.

On Thursday, former Colts vice chairman Bill Polian, appeared on "Pardon the Interruption" and disputed those claims. According to, Polian said that Manning's recovery is slow, but is making progress. In particular, Polian stated that he watched Manning throw in late December and had this to say:

It's marked (improvement) from where he was back in September. He threw it accurately, he threw it with a good, tight spiral, and he threw it with velocity.

Generally, he looked like a pretty confident quarterback out there.

The conflicting reports will add a whole new layer to the Manning talk and speculation. The demand for the all-time great QB is still expected to be high.

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