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The Amy K. Nelson Podcast, Episode 1: We're New At This

I met Joe Ruback a few weeks ago for another story we're working on for our launch of SB Nation's YouTube channel (subscribe if you haven't already!). What struck me about him (other than his fun personality) is he is a New York Giants fan who is probably living most fans' dreams: not only does he attend every home and road game (for nine straight seasons) but he's broken through to the inner circle. Players actually not only like him, but go out to dinner with him and call him a friend. The Mara family invited License Plate Guy, as he's known, to their private party after the Super Bowl win a few weeks ago. What other fan can claim that type of access? And the thing is, it's genuine.

So I invited the LPG to be my co-host on my first podcast. We clearly have no idea what we're doing but we have fun. He shows his flex and gets Chase Blackburn to call in, we talk movies, bro crushes and I get his best Rick Ross impression. Oh, and I still am standing by my distaste for Drake. Check it out: