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Combine Notes Day One: Offensive Line Group One

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If you weren't aware, the NFL scouting combine is underway in Indianapolis this week. Offensive lineman and tight ends are taking the field today to participate in drills. Here are the notes that I took from the first group of offensive lineman this morning.

  • Tackle/guard prospect Cordy Glenn instantly stole the headlines with an unofficial 4.96 49 yard dash time. For an offensive lineman to run under five seconds is fairly rare. For an offensive lineman who officially weighed in at 345lbs earlier in the week that's unheard of. That kind of athleticism will raise his stock because it opens up the possibility that he could play for a zone-blocking scheme rather than just a power scheme. However, his footwork in some drills was a bit slow from my point of view. If he wants to be a left tackle in the NFL, he has to work on that.
  • David DeCastro was as good as advertised. He made the drills look effortless with near perfect footwork and technique. He solidified himself as a top 15 pick in the draft, if not higher.
  • Center prospect Ben Jones had a poor 40 time. Officially he came in at 5.44, which is slow for an interior lineman that weighs 303lbs. However, I felt he looked every part of an NFL player in the drills. He looked well coached and showed good technique and footwork throughout drills.
  • Adam Gettis killed it athletically. He unofficially came in at under 5 seconds in both of his 40 attempts. He was near the top with the other athletic drills like the broad and vertical jumps. He gave a fairly solid showing in the football related drills. He definitely helped himself today and will force teams to go back and check the tape on him. Could jump into the fourth round.
  • Another top performer in my view was Baylor center, Philip Blake. He had an unofficial 10 yard split of 1.76, which is good for interior lineman. He looked a lot more polished than I thought he would. He kept his hands and head up and shuffled his feet well throughout.
  • Rishaw Johnson had a horrible day in the drills. He failed to shuffle his feet and was constantly jumping or skipping instead of shuffling. He looked out of his depth and in the NFL, if you are skipping in stead of shuffling, you are going to get pushed back and beaten easily.
  • Hopefully I or one of the other guys will be back with notes from the second group of offensive lineman later.