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Passan: Ryan Braun Should Be Thankful, Not Angry

Ryan Braun won his appeal against a positive test and suspension, and last week held a press conference shortly after reporting to Brewers camp. During the press conference, Braun railed against a system he described as being "fatally flawed". According to Braun, none of this should have ever happened in the first place, so according to Braun, the system screwed up.

Over at Yahoo!, Jeff Passan is curious:

Of all the crazy aspects of the Braun case – and there are plenty – perhaps the craziest is just how strong he came out against the drug-testing parameters to which he, as a member of the players’ union, agreed. What Braun doesn’t seem to realize is that the flaws he criticized were precisely what saved him from his appeal being about the substance in his urine rather than the journey his urine took.

There remain plenty of questions surrounding Braun's case to which we'll probably never know the answers. Ryan Braun got off by raising one unanswered question that created sufficient doubt in the arbitrator's mind. Passan's article gets a little confusing in places given that MLB's system does need to be tightened up and given that it's possible to be thankful and critical at the same time, but I'm not a very good reader so maybe Passan is perfectly clear and the problem's on my end. What's most important is that Passan's article is the most interesting one I've read on the topic today.