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Filed under: When The Accused Becomes The Accuser

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This, from’s Michael Rosenberg, is dead on point:

If we’re talking about impugning a man’s livelihood, his integrity, his character, we need something solid, right?

And this is why Braun needs to clarify his remarks now. He needs to explain what he meant when he took a shot at test-sample collector Dino Laurenzi Jr.‘s livelihood, his integrity, his character — and didn’t provide a shred of evidence, except that Laurenzi took some extra time to send in Braun’s sample.

“There were a lot of things that we learned about the collector, about the collection process, about the way that the entire thing worked,” Braun said, “that made us very concerned and very suspicious about what could have actually happened.”

A lot of things, huh? Wow. Let’s hear 10. OK, five. Three?

Hello? Ryan? Do you realize what you have done here?

All those lovely things Braun said about his personal integrity and the way he’s lived his life and how he’s always apologized whenever he’s done anything wrong … Well, here’s a good chance to prove it.

Hey, maybe he’s got evidence that the urine collector did something wrong, or might have done something wrong. I’ve got my doubts, though. I’ll bet Ryan Braun has some doubts, too. Some serious doubts. And so maybe it’s time for another press conference. A quick one will do.