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Agent: Peyton Manning Not Retiring, Plans To Play In 2012

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Tom Condon, the agent for Peyton Manning, talked with NFL Network about the flurry of news reports we've seen this week regarding the current Indianapolis Colts quarterback. On Thursday, ESPN reported that Manning had received clearance to play, which Condon confirmed saying his client was "structurally sound."

He did, however, point out that Manning is still waiting on the nerves to regenerate in his arm so, while technically healthy enough to play, he's really not game-ready. So we're pretty much in the same place we were before the ESPN report.

Condon also confirmed that Manning wants to continue playing and plans to continue playing. This comes in despite of several reports recently that retirement is an option for Manning. The Colts quarterback said similar things publicly in an interview with ESPN.

Condon said Manning and Colts owner Jim Irsay remained close, despite communicating through the media lately, but all signs continue to point toward the Colts releasing Manning sometime before his large roster bonus is due on March 8.

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