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Colts Have Another Statement On Peyton Manning

We have another statement from the Indianapolis Colts on the future of Peyton Manning. This comes shortly after Colts owner Jim Irsay said he....wouldn't be talking about Manning during Super Bowl week.

And, to be fair, the Colts statement isn't really even about...anything.

Peyton Manning, Jim Irsay and the entire Colts family remain close and unified as we continue to work through all the options that relate to his future with the Colts.

The present focus is on the Super Bowl and the great game that awaits.

The Colts likely feel compelled to say something after the Peyton Manning situation has taken the attention away from some other game being played in Indianapolis on Sunday. Manning was medically cleared to play on Thursday but the Colts refuted that saying he hasn't passed their physical. And on Friday morning, Manning's agent, Tom Condon, said Manning plans to play in 2012.

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