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More Peyton Manning Predictions Point To Dolphins, Redskins

The "Where will Peyton Manning land?" question will be asked quite often this season in cities across the country as we await what might be the most decorated player ever to hit free agency. Manning and the Indianapolis Colts are widely expected to divorce sometime before Manning's $28 million roster bonus is due on March 8. Free agency starts on March 13, at which points a team will be able to sign him.

At least half the league should have some level of interest in Manning but the two teams people seem to be talking about the most are the Washington Redskins and Miami Dolphins. Neither have longterm quarterback options and both are believed to be interested in Manning (as a lot of teams are). Other teams make sense, too, but these are the teams being talked about the most now.

ESPN's Adam Schefter predicted it's the Dolphins and the Manning chatter has been getting louder and louder in South Florida.

But don't count out the Redskins. Mike Freeman of CBS Sports reports that everyone he talks around the league thinks Manning will eventually land in Washington with the Redskins. That's very possible but we're not yet at the point where we can confidently predict where he'll land because we still don't know exactly where he stands health-wise.

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