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Peyton Manning's Former QB Coach Reportedly Hired By Arizona Cardinals

Because Peyton Manning could end up being the most sought after free agent to ever hit the market (with a nod to Reggie White), you can expect plenty of rumors and speculation about his future. Already we're seeing a number of reports noting that Manning owns a condo in Miami (Dolphins bound?) or that he played college football in Tennessee (

Now the latest cause for speculation is that the Arizona Cardinals have hired Frank Reich, Manning's quarterbacks coach for the last six years, as their receivers coach. It seems like a loose connection at best but that and the reports that Manning and Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald were getting together for dinner during Super Bowl week has the Cardinals fan base wondering if they'll be involved in the Manning talks, assuming he's released.

The Cardinals make sense when you consider what Kurt Warner was able to do with their offense a few years ago. A few playmakers are gone from the receiving corps but with Fitzgerald it still has major potential.

Where the Cardinals situation gets a little sticky comes down to Kevin Kolb, who was signed last offseason to a six-year deal. He was underwhelming in 2011 but it was only his first year with the Cardinals. They'll be faced with the decision of moving forward with the guy they committed to last season or a potential once-in-a-generation opportunity (provided, of course, that Manning is healthy). That's really the question a lot of teams will face this offseason.

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