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The Animated GIFs Of January '12, Numbers 15 Through 11

In January, we witnessed a terrifying snowmobile bail-out, an abundant sample of Manningface, and the most perfect touchback of all time. Here, we witness these moments in GIF form and see them through the eyes of Wikipedia.


15. Wizards' Jan Vesely airballs free throw


2011-12 Washington Wizards season

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The 2011-12 Washington Wizards season is a living monument to to the futility of action [citation needed]. and, ultimately, the devalued nature of existence [citation needed]. Its players are as chicken eggs, smashed against the windows of a high school principal's split-level home by a gang of wayward adolescents[citation needed], its coaches the tuxedoed ghosts of a long-sunken riverboat, madly clanging the gurgling notes of a wretched concerto into the belly of a waterlogged grand piano[citation needed], forever and ever until God is dead.

Man. The Wizards, man.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11].

14. Virginia Tech wide receiver Danny Coale attempts to punt


List of punt attempts considered the worst

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Danny Coale, January 3rd, 2012
During the Sugar Bowl against Michigan, Virginia Tech wide receiver Danny Coale ran with the ball on a fake punt attempt before eventually deciding to attempt a quick-punt. It was unsuccessful.

Eduardo de Souza, August 17th, 1604
de Souza, a farmer in the inner plateau of the Spanish mainland, harvested broccoli from his land and brought it to his home, where he and his wife cooked paella with rabbit. After the children went to bed, de Souza stayed up writing and reading by candlelight until his eyes grew heavy, then he retired to bed himself. Throughout the entire evening, he was thousands of miles and hundreds of years removed from a football.

Hyung, full name unknown, ca. 8th century
Records from Korea's ancient Belhae province indicate a man named Hyung. He maintained a large estate, but little else is known about him, and archaeologists have yet to uncover evidence that he successfully punted a football.

[Edited to omit remainder of 770,000-item list]

13. Mavericks' Rick Carlisle, Saints' Gregg Williams


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Pout-kicking (colloquially known as a toe-tantrum, bein' a butthole, frowny-footin', bootin' bad, flippin' the leg-bird, cranky-calcitrarin', pout-puntin', or carryin' on) is a trend that originated in American sports in January of 2012. If a coach is dissatisfied with a particular play call or turn of events, he may kick a ball that is bouncing his way.


(Via @Bubbaprog)


12. Arsène Wenger


Search results

Did you mean: lol you ain't got no pockets son!

11. Eli Manning


List of incidences thought to trigger Manningface

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The following is a non-exhaustive list of situations that are believed to trigger some variety Manningface in one or both Mannings.

  • Sack
  • Sack-fumble
  • Top half of rolling office chair detaches from bottom half when lifted
  • Downloaded JPEG image of fir tree auto-saves in "deciduous tree" folder
  • "With two-year agreement" text is noticed below "FREE PHONE"
  • Twist-tie presumed missing (or stolen!)
  • Post-"nailing picture frame hook into wall" malaise
  • Slinky gets to third stair and then just stops
  • Cloud stops looking like a log

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