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VIDEO: 'Bomani & Jones' Episode 1 Is Here To BEATEMDOWN

Bomani & Jones 2
Bomani & Jones 2

The first episode of "Bomani and Jones" has arrived! Have fun finding the second dude.

We'll roll out a new episode every Thursday at noon ET on the SB Nation YouTube channel, and you'll be able to find videos on SB Occasionally, there will be cursing. For the times there isn't, we apologize to those who may be offended.

We're getting out of the gate with a great moment in #BEATEMDOWN history -- the Ali-Foreman come-from-behind knockout the Major League Baseball Players Association scored of Selig and the boys in the Ryan Braun case. Then, we imagine what it would be like if Jerry Jones got his wish for televised player interviews at the Combine. Enjoy:

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