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Salvador Perez To Undergo Knee Surgery

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Salvador Perez came up for the Royals. He batted .331. He was 21 years old. The Royals signed him to a five-year contract that could become an eight-year contract. Things were good for Salvador Perez and the Royals, very recently.

Things are worse now. Tuesday, Perez injured his left knee catching warm-ups. He was sent to Kansas City for close inspection, and the inspection turned up some worrisome results.

As noted, there's no timetable, as the medical team still needs to examine the area and determine the severity of the tear. This doesn't look like a season-ender, but you can count on Perez to miss a good chunk of time. Brayan Pena will presumably shoulder the load for now. The other catcher on the 40-man roster - Manny Pina - is recovering from surgery. Cody Clark, Max Ramirez, and Julio Rodriguez are in Royals camp as non-roster invitees.

Perez should make a good recovery from this injury. The Royals probably weren't going to make the playoffs. In the big picture, this injury isn't real significant. What's troubling is that Perez is now a young catcher with a knee injury history. Knee injuries can turn promising catchers into less-promising not-catchers. Hopefully this is just a one-time issue, and Perez can go on to flourish, with knees like robot knees instead of knees that ... are ... robot knees ... hopefully Perez is healthy in the future.