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Salvador Perez Injury: Royals' Catcher Out For 3-4 Months

We knew Salvador Perez was going to miss some time after suffering a knee injury that required surgery. We didn't know how much time. Now we know, approximately. And it's not good for the Royals. Obviously.

There's some optimism about the Royals in 2012. Misguided optimism, in this writer's opinion. But it's been out there, and must now be somewhat tempered, considering that Perez was considered one of the club's strengths.

Somehow, "12-14 weeks" doesn't sound as bad as its analogue: three to four months.

Which perhaps doesn't seem like a real problem if you take the long view, which suggests the Royals weren't going to win this year anyway. But speaking of the long view, Perez already projected as one of the slowest players in the majors leagues in both the short and the long view. And a knee surgery at 21 isn't likely to make him faster.

Perez's long-term contract still looks pretty good. Just not quite as good as it looked a week ago.