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Chicago Cubs: Dino Laurenzi, Jr. Has Always Collected Urine With Skill And Aplomb

Several members of the Chicago Cubs commented on the Ryan Braun story, making comments in support sample collector Dino Laurenzi, Jr. From the Chicago Sun-Times:

The Cubs might be closer to Ryan Braun’s controversial drug-testing case than they want to be if the Milwaukee slugger’s successful argument against baseball’s specimen-collector holds much weight.

The article quotes several Cubs, including Alfonso Soriano, Reed Johnson, and Jeff Baker as saying they were comfortable with Laurenzi testing them. Baker was emphatic about his support, saying "I have no problems taking a drug test with him. None."

Reed Johnson also talked to ESPN 1000, according to ESPNChicago:

"The process to me is something a lot of the guys in the clubhouse really trust," Johnson said. "Obviously, you don't want your sample going to somebody's house and sitting around for a couple of days, but you know that that process of them taking your sample and sealing it inside a case, stickers over it and that's inside a bag, stickers over that and that's inside a sealed box, stickers over that.

Nothing too controversial, but it'll probably cheese off some Brewers fans. Which could have been the point.