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2012 NFL Draft quick report: Quenton Saulsberry, Mississippi State

This year I wrote the player rankings and evaluations for the USA Today 2012 NFL Draft magazine. It's on newsstands now and available online here. Leading up to the draft, I'll be reprinting some of my quick reports here.

Quenton Saulsberry, Mississippi State
Height: 6'2 1/2, Weight: 304 pounds

Strengths: Saulsberry is a four-year starter who has played everywhere on the offensive line except left tackle. Is best at center to take advantage of his quickness. Agile and fleet of foot. Routinely works well on the second level. Has good arm length, which helps him more so when he's lined up at guard. No injury concerns.

Weaknesses: Needs to play with more disciplined and not overrun the play. Will overextend in the run game and isn’t quite fast enough to change his body position and adjust. Needs to get stronger if he's not put in a zone blocking scheme in the NFL.