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The GIF Bracket: No. 1 'Mortified Michigan Punter' Vs. No. 2 'Hockey Massacre'

Mortified Michigan Punter. Rollerblading Raptors Mascot. Yankee Enthusiasts. Overconfident Jeremy Shockey. All the GIF legends are here. Today, we narrow down the Elite Eight to the Final Four. Vote, and help us determine the winners.



Click here to view and vote on the rest of the GIF Bracket's Elite Eight.

(1) You know who I am.


Earlier this week, I routed AARON DOBSON'S INSANE CATCH, 517 to 104. My value lies in my simplicity -- at less than one real-time second, I am one of the briefest GIFs of the entire tournament.

We all knew I would get this far, and we all expect me to reach the championship game. You will never find a more delightfully terrified facial expression in the entire world of sports, let alone the world of GIFs. Do the right thing.

(2) Hello, old friends. I am HOCKEY MASSACRE.


In the Sweet 16 round I defeated BORED EXTRA-INNINGS FAN, 402 to 139. Please know that I took no pleasure in doing so. In fact, I had grown rather fond of the little guy. But I did not ask to be great. I was simply born great, and as such, it is my duty to press on.

I am as sprawling as MORTIFIED MICHIGAN PUNTER is brief. Whether you vote for me figures to hinge upon whether you prefer an epic or a limerick. We are both visual poetry, to be sure. As the only hockey GIF remaining in the tournament, I humbly ask that you keep my people alive in this tournament. I know the decision will not be easy. And however it shakes out, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your votes throughout the last three weeks.