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Confident Corner, Josh Norman, CB, Coastal Carolina

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Deion "Primetime" Sanders, loved Josh Norman at the NFL Combine, and even Mike Mayock said that you have to love his cockiness. What do the fans think? What round does Josh Norman get drafted? Make sure to vote.
Deion "Primetime" Sanders, loved Josh Norman at the NFL Combine, and even Mike Mayock said that you have to love his cockiness. What do the fans think? What round does Josh Norman get drafted? Make sure to vote.

Josh Norman grew up in Greenwood, South Carolina which is located between both Augusta, GA and Columbia, SC the capitol of the state. Josh is an electrifying three sport athlete from Greenwood High School. Josh played Football, Baseball and Track at a high level. Josh was a safety in high school and earned honors of All-State. He was also selected to play in the North-South All-Star Game on the defensive side of the ball. Josh is a lanky 6’2 and weighs 190 pounds that is what makes him so special on defense. He is able to get his long arms in front of the ball and make plays. He was able to impress the scouts at the East/West Shrine game with three huge practices where, Josh was able to jump routes and even return an interception in the first day of practice. He finished the second day on the same note, as he had a couple more interceptions and a few more pass break ups. On his third day, he finished it off with 2 more interceptions and another touchdown. Over 3 days he had a total of six picks which is huge. His ability to break on the ball is what makes him special. Josh made a name for himself at the East/West Shrine game and was a finalist on the Buck Buchanan Award which is a huge accomplishment for a defensive back. In the FCS this year Josh was able to finish the year with 62 total tackles, 2 tackles for loss, 2 interceptions, 12 pass break ups, and 2 forced fumbles. I have had the pleasure to talk with Josh in the past about his NFL career and I would love for the fans to know him more. So make sure to check out this exclusive interview with him.

Growing up in Greenwood, What was it like, it is a rather small town?

Greenwood was awesome, I could not pick a better little city to live. They had everything as a young man that you would want. We were never spoiled but that went a long way with me and my family.

What was your most memorable moment playing for Greenwood High School?

Winning the State Championship, and that whole entire year was the best. We all had shaved Mohawks, I played five positions, KR, WR, PR, Special Teams, and SS. It was awesome we had the most fun, and we would all hang out together, all 22 starters were good friends.

Did you grow up a Clemson or South Carolina fan, that is a huge question? If you are from South Carolina, trust me.

I root for Coastal Carolina, they were the only ones that wanted me on their team.

What teams where recruiting you when you were coming out of high school?

University of Georgia, and it depended on my SAT score, I made a 1010 but they chose the second guy under me.

Why did you pick Coastal Carolina?

I didn’t even choose it, I didn’t want to stay in Greenwood, I went to the beach, I went to a tech school there and took a few classes, like Spanish, and was just enjoying the beach. Since my brother was playing for them, it was a good decision for me. It was a red/blue peel for me, I could have had the red carpet at Georgia and had the red carpet. But chose the blue end, which was Coastal because I had to work so hard. Just like a blue collar worker from South Carolina.

What was the transition like from Greenwood to Coastal Carolina which is located right on the outskirts of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina?

At first, I was pumped because it was a bigger city, but just like any youngster, it was the beach and I enjoyed it. It was something different, it was cool to get away from the hometown and experience something different.

You blew up in 2009 your sophomore season, with 8 interceptions, what was is it that you worked on to break the record of the Big South?

My first year I was just a walk on at Coastal, I played corner but I wanted to play Safety. I played high school as a safety. I was upset because I wanted to play safety , and I was playing for free. I was getting ready to go back to Georgia and the coach talked with me the next day and had a full ride on his desk for me. I knew it was going to be tough but I knew I was going to do something major, so I fought hard to get there, and from that point on, I made it my duty to annihilate anything in my path.

What is your biggest weakness, on the football field?

Cornerbacks can always work on technique, transition can always be better. There is always room for improvement in your game. Sometimes I take too many steps to get to where I need to be, I am working on fine tuning that.

If you could meet one person dead or alive who would it be and why?

J-Lo, I’d have to meet Jennifer Lopez. She as a person is beautiful on television and I am sure she is even more gorgeous in person, and I heard shes single.

Do you have any pre game rituals?

I listen to music, I love listening to Young Jeezy. He gets me ready for the game. I focus when I am jamming to Jeezy, I say my prayer then go to work.

With your first NFL Paycheck what will you buy and why?

I am going to up my tithes and offerings, because I have to give back to god. I don’t need anything flashy, I might one day get a Bumble Bee Camaro but it will be Snow White.

What would be more rewarding getting to a championship game with a team who has had a recent history of success or reaching the playoffs with a team who hasn’t been there in a really long time?

I have no control where I go, If I am on a stacked football team, I am going to keep trying to win, but I would love an opportunity to help take a team like Buffalo to a championship. I would love to put a team on the map and becoming a winner. It is a lot better feeling.

Of all of the corners ever in the NFL, which one do you think you resemble most? (talent and technique wise)

I have 2006, Bob Sanders tenacity, with the finesse of young Charles Woodson and give me some Darrell Revis’s lockdown skills and you have me.

How do you overcome the small school bias when you speak with NFL front offices?

I have a resume that backs that up, pull the games in Division 1 and you can see my talents against the major teams. If that isn’t good enough, look at the East/West Shrine game I have 6 interceptions in 3 days against the big boys.

Who is the best WR you had to face during your NCAA career?

Matt Hazel, from Coastal Carolina, he was a sore in my side, he is a good football player. He is a Jerome Simpson type player.

What do you enjoy most about playing football?

The love of the game, the competitiveness, I want to be the best. You have the best person on offense going against the best person on defense, you win and lose games in the air, I want to be the difference maker on defense. I will help get the ball back to the offense.

Do you feel you will have to make a significant adjustment if you are selected by a cold-weather team?

Not really, I had to play in 15 degree weather this year, it was raining, sleeting, snowing and hailing, it was so freezing cold, against Stoneybrook. I have never played in anything like that but I was pumped to play in it. I am better equipped to play in those elements.

I just want to thank Josh Norman for doing this interview with me. I wish you the best of luck in your future and I know you will have a great NFL career. Make sure you follow me on twitter @drocksthaparty for more articles.