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Matt Reynolds 2012 NFL Draft quick report

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This year I wrote the player rankings and evaluations for the USA Today 2012 NFL Draft magazine. It's on newsstands now and available online here. Leading up to the draft, I'll be reprinting some of my quick reports here.

Matt Reynolds, BYU
Height: 6'4 1/2, Weight: 310 pounds

Strengths: Will sometimes get high in his stance but generally plays with good knee bend to get power off the snap. Played much lighter as a senior was quicker. Is much better when playing in a contained space instead of having to work a large area.

Weaknesses: Struggles getting to the edge in pass protection. He's a step slow and could have trouble against speed rushers. Has had a shoulder issue that will be heavily scrutinized.

Combine quotable: (On reaching his NFL goal) It’s extremely exciting, this has been a goal for me since I was little. My dad’s been a college coach since I was little so I grew up around watching these players come through BYU and watching them mature and go on to the NFL. Some of them have had a lot of success. So that was always something that was in my mind as a goal, something that I wanted to achieve. So to be here on the doorstep is very exciting.