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Coryell Judie 2012 NFL Draft quick report

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This year I wrote the player rankings and evaluations for the USA Today 2012 NFL Draft magazine. It's on newsstands now and available online here. Leading up to the draft, I'll be reprinting some of my quick reports here.

Coryell Judie, Texas A&M
Ht: 5'11, Wt: 188 pounds

Strengths: Judie is an ideal zone coverage corner because he breaks on the ball with speed and ease. Good at making a play on the ball. In 2010 especially, Judie was used as a blitzer from the outside. Intelligently runs around blockers instead of trying to go through them. Excellent kick return man, averaging 30 yard a return in 2010.

Weaknesses: Inexperienced junior college transfer. Bites too often on the play fake. Average tackler because of his size. Gives up too much separation in man coverage. A lingering hamstring injury in 2011 really limited his play and kept him off the field. Has had shoulder surgery.