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Bryce Harper's Service Time Not A Real Concern For Nationals

The Nationals and their fans certainly didn't want to see Ryan Zimmerman end up on the disabled list, because Zimmerman's probably the best player on the team. But Zimmerman's injury isn't serious, and it doesn't get a lot more interesting than promoting Bryce Harper in his stead. Some were clamoring for Harper to make the Nationals out of camp. Now he's made the Nationals shortly after camp.

Of course, given that Harper is still a raw prospect, some might be concerned what this promotion means for his service time and future team control. Answer:

If Harper were to remain with the Nationals all season long - which is not what's expected - the team would still have six years of control over him, not counting this one. So the Nationals aren't running the risk of costing themselves a season of Bryce Harper's future. There are Super 2 concerns, as Harper has been promoted well in front of the projected cutoff, but again, Harper would have to stick. He could stick, but from many indications, this is probably more of a short-term move.