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VIDEO: Louis Oosthuizen Double Eagle Gives Him Masters Lead

One of the most calm and cool players on tour had one of the most exciting and remarkable shots in Masters' history on Sunday. South African Louis Oosthuizen took the lead at 10-under on the second hole at Augusta National Golf Club with the first ever double-eagle on No. 2. Oosthuizen hit a perfect shot up the center of the green, letting the ball take the left-to-right extreme slope. The ball slid all the way down into the cup for just the fourth double-eagle in Masters' history, and the first ever since the tournament has been broadcast on television.

Video of the shot after the jump:

Oosthuizen put it right up in the center of the green where you have to place it in order to access the far right pin placement. He pured a 4-iron from 253 yards. It was an incredible turn of events that put him two shots up heading to the tee at No. 3. If Oosthuizen goes on to win it, the albatross at No. 2 will certainly be the shot people look back on as the highlight. The last Masters' winner with a double eagle was Gene Sarazen in 1935 with the "shot heard 'round the world." Sarazen sunk a 4-wood from 235 yards on the par-5 15th hole. The bridge on No.15 would be forever known as the "Sarazen bridge." We'll see what the green jackets at Augusta National will do to memorialize the first ever double-eagle at the second.

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