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VIDEO: 'Best Steeplechase FAIL' Is The Best

Katy Andrews is a senior on the BYU track team, and if the YouTube description of this video is to be believed, she uploaded her own stumble and crash in the steeplechase from this weekend's BYU Robison Invitational.

From the video page:

I was seeing stars but ran 2 more laps afterwards. I smacked my head and my thigh. The head bled; the thigh bruised.

I think I caught the toe of my spike a couple steps before the barrier. I don't remember smacking the barrier...only being completely submerged in the water haha

Bonus points to Katy for being able to laugh at herself, and also to the hero in red in the background after her fall. "I should probably help! Oh, wait. Looks like she's okay."

*folds arms*

"My work here is done."