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30 For 30 Renewed By ESPN, Will Feature Bo Jackson Documentary

30 For 30, ESPN's documentary series that was intended to showcase the most interesting stories throughout the 30-year history of the network, did a lot better than most apparently expected. So good, in fact, that the network has decided that there needed to be even more 30 for 30s -- maybe even more than 30 more of them.

The Worldwide Leader announced that the series was being renewed on Tuesday and, in a move that is sure to make plenty of sports fans happy, there are already interesting subjects on the table: video game hero and all-around athlete Bo Jackson, the Jim Valvano led N.C. State Wolfpack and their trek to becoming the 1983 NCAA Champions, and a documentary called "Broke" that will feature stories about athletes losing their fortunes.

"When we embarked on '30 for 30,' we always wondered if there would be 30 good stories," said Connor Schell, vice president and executive producer of ESPN Films. "Now, I think all of us in this group believe that there is an infinite number of stories."

The series is set to return this fall and span two years. There's a good chance it's renewed once again after that, considering how much fans appreciated looking back at the first renditions featuring Marcus Dupree, Len Bias, Ricky Williams and O.J. Simpson, among others.